Leading’s beryllium workshop was designed thinking in the highest safety conditions for its employees. Our conditions exceed all current health, safety and environmental requirements for this material.

There are three safety levels in facilities:

  1. Workshop fully isolated:
    • Restricted access to the operators
    • Negative pressure to the workshop ( ̴30 Pa) keeping all the possible dust generated inside.
    • Specific areas with exit showers
    • Separate changing rooms (working and street clothes)
  2. Machining center is sealed:
    • Safety sealed roof covering
    • Static seals between panels and doors
    • All machining waste is left inside
    • Working area air filtered, HEPA filters
    • Air detectors environment: always under 2 µg/m3 thresshold
  3. Operators with autonomous breathing:
    • Personal with Safety Equipment
    • Protection Clothes: Respiratory, Face mask, Gloves, Overall, Boots and covers.
    • ONLY Trained Personnel

Our target is 0.0 Beryllium Contamination