European production of ITER First Wall Panel (FWP) starts - F4E awards the contract to LEADING and EMPRESARIOS AGRUPADOS

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Fusion for Energy (F4E), the European Domestic Agency for ITER, has awarded this contract for the manufacturing of the first set of panels committed by EU as in-kind contribution to ITER. The scope of the project includes project management, design, qualification of the processes, manufacturing, testing and delivery at ITER site of the FWP. The manufacturing processes are complex. They include high precision machinery, deep drilling, chemical cleaning, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) treatments, Beryllium coating and ultrasonic testing, all of them with very demanding requirements. 

Empresarios Agrupados and Leading established a new company, Fusion Business Leadership, for the implementation of the contract. This new company combines the experience of Leading in the manufacture of prototypes of these components, already executed in a work area completely adapted to the production processes required by the project, as can be seen in the images, with the capabilities of Empresarios Agrupados on project management, engineering, purchasing, facility design and cost evaluation.

The high technological standards and innovation make it this contract of strategic importance to European industry vis a vis its involvement in ITER. The know-how will also be useful to other fusion energy projects such as DONES and DEMO.






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